Jakes Point

Jacques Point, Kalbarri, Western Australia

Kalbarri is home to the iconic left-hander called Jakes Point, recognised as a National Surfing Reserve and one of the state's most famous remote surfing breaks. Jakes is one of those unique waves that is mastered best by the local surfers. Like most reefs, Jakes breaks from two foot and up and best ridden by experienced surfers only. Jakes bay offers a safer option for the novice while fostering a protective environment for our next generation of talent. Kalbarri has a very strong sense of surfing community where locals take their surfing and protection of the fragile environment seriously. Take a walk along the path above the beach to explore more of the coastline and keep an eye on the water for the Bottlenose dolphins that are frequently seen playing in the water off the shore. After a day of surfing, settle back on the sand to enjoy the famous Western Australian sunset over the horizon. Jakes Point is a short drive south of Kalbarri and six and a half hours' drive north of Perth.

Location: via Jakes Point Road, Kalbarri, INDIAN OCEAN DRIVE, Western Australia, Australia

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Phone: () 1800 639 468

Website: http://www.kalbarri.org.au/

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