Flora, Kalbarri, Western Australia Flora, Kalbarri, Western Australia Flora, Kalbarri, Western Australia Flora, Kalbarri, Western Australia

One mention of wildflowers and many people will think of Kalbarri - over 1000 species with many unique to the area. Starting at the end of June through to October, travellers make their way here from all over the world to witness the transformation. The coastal areas of the national park boast just as many as the inland areas. Make your way inland and the sand plains become carpets of pink and white everlastings and orange immortelles, jostling for space between starflowers, kangaroo paws, featherflowers and orchids to name just a few. One of the last flowers to emerge is the aptly named smelly socks (white plume grevillia). With the flowers on the end of long stalks and low grevillia shrubbery, these beautiful flowers attract many insects and release a sickly sweet smell at dusk and into the evening. At the northern entrance of the national park visitors will notice pine trees along the roadside, these sandplain cypress (actinostrobus) are native to the area. Kalbarri Visitor Centre keeps up to date with what's flowering where, pop in to see the friendly staff for a wildflower update.

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